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Selecting the Proper Equipment for Food and Beverage Applications

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on May 17, 2016 5:00:14 PM


Proper thermal management is key for saving resources and keeping electronics (and equipment) up and running on a consistent basis. It is important to understand the various types of cooling methods available and how the ambient conditions may effect the product chosen.  Choosing the wrong method may lead to a solution that is undersized or oversized, or fails prematurely due to being specified for incompatible ambient conditions.

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Pfannenberg's Cooling Units Help Support Bottling Inspection

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Apr 22, 2016 1:52:32 PM

We understand as a consumer that it can get aggravating when you purchase a bottled beverage and the packaging is either defective or the container is not filled properly. It is crucial that beverage and food manufactures implement an inspection system - not only for sanitary reasons, but also for product quality.  Once quality is compromised, the manufacturer loses brand reputation.

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Ammonia Gas Detection in Food & Beverage Facilities

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Apr 7, 2016 10:05:28 AM

Alarm and Warning Devices to Notify Personnel Regarding Dangerous Gas Leaks

Ammonia leaks are pretty uncommon, but when one does occur - the results could be lethal.  Ammonia gas is very toxic and flammable.  Typically ammonia can be detected by smell (a strong and pungent odor), but it is a colorless gas. 

The human nose can detect an ammonia leak with exposure between 5-20 ppm. With exposure 25 - 1,000 ppm, employees with have teary eyes, difficulty breathing, and the instinct to flee the area. The time exposed and the amount of ammonia the employee(s) are exposed to, determines various effects on the human body - ranging from a slight smell to teary eyes and unable to breathe, possibly death.

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Using Chillers to Help Make Pasta

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 29, 2016 10:37:15 AM

Pasta - A staple in Italian cuisine that can be found in almost every household. It is a food that carries memories and conveys emotions.

Pasta is a noodle that is made from water and flour (eggs and other ingredients can be added for various flavors) – it has a simple composition, but the process requires a lot of love and patience. Pasta is classified under two broad categories: dried and fresh – from there it is classified by various shapes, sizes, flavors and ingredients.

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Filterfans® - Essential to Food and Beverage Applications

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 1:05:00 PM

Pfannenberg's Filterfans® -  "Trust in the Original"

Proper cooling is essential for temperature regulation for the electronics used in a food and beverage facility.

Pfannenberg's Filterfans® incorporate modern louvers which enable maximal airflow, hold back dust/flour and water particles, protect the filter medium from damage and can be integrated into the design of the application.

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Liquid Cooling Solutions for Commercial Bakery Electrical Enclosures

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 1:02:00 PM

Are the VFDs in your Commercial Bakery failing due to high amounts of flour and moisture entering your electrical enclosure?

Pfannenberg is your proven partner for complex thermal management problems in the baking industry. High security classes of equipment and corrosion-resistant construction materials resist even the most difficult ambient conditions. 

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Indication, Warning & Alarm Solutions for Food & Beverage Applications

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 12:50:47 PM

Robust, field-proven, visual and audible devices for alarm, warning, and indication

Signaling confusion throughout many manufacturing facilities is a big problem. At the plant level, many OEM machines have the proper alarms, but they only emit a couple of tones and optional visual alerts, making it difficult to determine which machine had an event or why the alarm was triggered.

Pfannenberg's visual and acoustic signaling devices can easily be installed on existing systems. Satisfying numerous alarm, warning, and indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area evacuation due to fire, toxic gas leak, spills, or intruder alert. With robust construction, up to 80 tones and the ability to withstand severe environments these devices are ideal for the state and federal safety requirements that companies need to obey.

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Control Enclosure Temperatures in a Food & Beverage Manufacturing Plant

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 12:45:58 PM

Controlling enclosure temperature is crucial in the food and beverage industry.  If the temperature is too warm or too cold, condensation and higher risks of contamination arises. 

Pfannenberg's Heaters, Thermostats & Hygrostats detect and keep ambient conditions above dew point to avoid the harmful effects of condensation on your electronics and products. They can be used as standalone or in partnership with our other Thermal Management solutions specifically our Filterfan® and Cooling Unit product lines.

  • Thermostats are used for alarming, fan control and heater control
  • Hygrostats can control humidity levels within enclosure when used with small heaters
  • Heaters are available for cabinets in cold storage areas as well as for condensate management
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Pfannenberg's Process Chillers Meet the Most Demanding Food & Beverage Applications

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 12:21:00 PM

Pfannenberg Liquid Solutions - Now That's Cool™ 

Designed for today's food-processing environment, EB Series  and CC Series Chillers feature stainless steel pumps and evaporators, non-ferrous water circuits, and a polyester-epoxy blend powder-coat finish.  Stainless steel or aluminum casing panels are available.  Our outdoor-rated construction provides flexibility for remote installation requirements. 

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Cooling Food & Beverage Applications with Pfannenberg's DTS/DTT Series

Posted by Allison Kowalewski on Mar 3, 2016 12:12:15 PM

Innovative, Efficient, Reliable

Whether in washdown locations or control rooms, the DTS Series' key internal electronics are positioned away from potentially moist and/or caustic air in food and beverage applications.  The wide condenser fin spacing allows for filterless and maintenance-free operation.  The stainless steel units have an epoxy coating on all exposed copper tubing to compliment the electrostatically-coated condensers. The fans are conformal coated, backward curve impellers that have a standard life of 55,000+ hours, providing the longest life and best air flow in their class.

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