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Pfannenberg welcomes an Erie 1 BOCES student for Manufacturing Initiation

Posted by Marine Vienney on Apr 12, 2017 2:50:55 PM

Pfannenberg is happy to contribute to the education and development of Erie 1 BOCES students by offering internships where they can discover the many different aspects of the Manufacturing World to help them with choosing their future career.

We would like to welcome Robert from Erie 1 BOCES who will intern with us on the following:

  • Learning about 5S manufacturing methodologies – Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain
  • Learning how to setup and complete manufacturing time studies
  • Learning how to complete value stream mapping
  • Supporting the creation of a new work cell for production of Filterfans


This learning experience takes the students beyond the classroom by involving them in the company's projects. This is also the occasion for Pfannenberg to build a relationship with these students and qualify the ones who could work for us in the future.

Pfannenberg, Inc. is a global manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Our enclosure thermal management products help some of the largest companies worldwide stay cool and safe, protecting and keeping electronic equipment running to avoid costly downtime.


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